The AEC Model (O)853 Matador and the Model (O)854

The AEC Matador Story by Steve Richards

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In a day when the British commercial vehicle industry is a teary eyed memory, the iconic names of the past are ever present in our hearts. In the case of AEC there is little doubt in my mind that they gave us two icons, the inevitable Routemaster bus and that bulldog of a lorry – the Matador. 


This wonderful book is a must for lovers of the old brute. In AEC Matador – Taking the Rough With the Smooth, Steve Richards has produced something anyone mooting self-publishing should look to as an example of how to do it.  It looks good, reads well and is the complete package. The Illustrations are fantastic and there is little doubt the author truly loves his subject. The guide to examples in preservation is superb and the account of Irish Army Matadors opens up a new avenue of interest. Whether you prefer your Matador as timber or gun tractor, fairground mule or recovery truck; this is the book for you.  The book is available from Steve’s website, so get going to  You will not regret it.

Mark Barnes, Editor - The Pathfinder

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